New Tools for Alumni

by Jo Brosius, Director of Communications, Wilmore Campus

New tools for Alumni are on their way from the Communications department at the Seminary, and they need your help.  Work is underway to create an interactive “Ministry Map” that will display different colored pins identifying the different work Alumni are doing around the globe.  Whether counseling, church planting, Bible translating, etc., you will be able to easily identify your affinity group anywhere in the world.  A simple hover of your mouse over the pins will give a brief description of the ministry and location.  By clicking on the pin, a window will open with a profile of the Alum, information on their ministry, how you can pray for their work, and if there are needs you can help fill such as Bibles or other supplies and support.

In order to populate the map, we need your stories!  Please prepare a two to three paragraph description of your ministry, how we can pray, and any needs you may have.  Include pictures or even video if you have it, and send the information to with “Ministry Map” in the subject line.

Also, Communications is going to begin highlighting Alumni stories in marketing and advertising materials for the seminary.  What better way to tell prospective students, donors, or each other about the global reach the Seminary Alumni have and how they are impacting God’s Kingdom!  Please share your story with them at with “Alumni Story” in the subject line.  Wherever possible, the video team would like to come and interview you about your journey.  If you have pictures or your own videos to share, please include them in your email!

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