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Revive Us Again

Published Date: March 1, 2013

by Don Butterworth, Technology Services Manager, Wilmore Campus, and class of ’84, MAR

The warm glow of Christmas has come and gone. The sky is grey. The wind is cold and biting. Though the days are getting longer, Spring still seems to be an eternity away. When we look around at our world, we see evil and moral decline accelerating, faster and faster. At times like these it is easy for Christians to feel discouraged and give up hope. But perhaps these days are really a gift from the Lord. Doesn’t our emptiness and discouragement move us to seek His face? Don’t they place a longing in our hearts for revival in our land and renewal in our churches?

It must have been something like that in February of 1970, when the Holy Spirit descended on the students and faculty of Asbury College. Chapel service began as usual, but didn’t end for more than a week.

A video recounting this outpouring entitled A Revival Account: Asbury 1970 can be found here.  In this documentary Dr. Dennis Kinlaw tells how the event unfolded. Only one week after classes resumed at the college, Asbury Seminary was privileged to have Dr. Kinlaw give a firsthand account of the revival in the chapel service entitled Reflections on the Asbury Revival that Began on February 3rd, 1970.  The sound recording can be found here.

The Lord does send revival when we seek His face. Listen to how He has sent revival in the United States and around the world.

To listen to Revival in the Twentieth Century by James Edwin Orr click here.

To listen to Report on the Revival in Indonesia by professor John T. Seamands click here.

To listen to The Closing of the Green Gate Burlesque House in San Antonio Texas by Jack R. Taylor click here.

Does hearing how the Lord has moved in the past cause a longing in your heart to see your church renewed today? In the mid-1960s, Danny E. Morris, a United Methodist pastor in Tallahassee Florida had that longing.  Out of that longing he persuaded Sam Teague to teach a Sunday school class of young adults.

Find out how God spoke to Sam and used his ministry to start a movement in the inspiring account Ten Brave Christians: the John Wesley Great Experiment by clicking here.

Has the time come to bring the John Wesley great experiment to your church?

Psalm 85: 6
“Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in You?”

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