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What’s Next at the Beeson Center?

Published Date: July 1, 2015

In this season of commencements and ordinations, our attention turns to the beauty of God’s call, the kol YHWH, in the life of faithful individuals. The inspiring stories of women and men following God’s voice remind us of holy mystery, sacrifice and joy. In the spirit of St. Paul, the cost of obedience never exceeds the gifts of grace and fulfillment we witness in a spiritually aligned life.

The testimonies we hear during rites of passage elicit a common question: “What’s next?” Rituals of transition imply a change in status, a new chapter, often requiring a new level of attentiveness. “Where is God leading?” “Will I be ready for this next stage of life?” “How will my life preparation to date position me for the new challenges I will face?’

The Beeson International Center for Biblical Preaching and Church Leadership specializes in resourcing “what’s next” questions. Thousands of leaders, both lay and clergy, have benefited from our creative offerings that grow out of learning from servants of the Church, while connecting the resources of the seminary to influencers in the field. As we receive wisdom from practitioners, we seek to provide resources drawn from historical Christianity, as well as peer networks for mutual encouragement.

The Doctor of Ministry program will serve about 175 pastoral leaders this year as they take the next step in ministry effectiveness. Focused on issues, such as preaching and leadership and church planting, clergy join in deep relationships and shared learning for two weeks a year over three years. The Spirit renews hearts while faculty and peers stir minds. Each one who completes a D.Min. degree at Asbury attests to meaningful, measurable transformation.

Lay persons are equipped to answer God’s call on their lives as well. The Lay Mobilization Institute, now training congregational teams in 5 states (KY, TN, WV, MS, GA), helps laity claim their own role in God’s plan. Participants strengthen their own discipleship while raising the disciple making culture of their congregations.

The Church Planting Initiative is connecting spiritual entrepreneurs to regional networks of evangelists and disciplers who are extending the Gospel in their communities. We provide seminars and resources for touching unreached and under-reached populations around the world, including one’s own backyard.

The Office of Faith, Work and Economics offers unique experiences for integrating our witness with our everyday activities, whether on the job, among our neighbors or in society. Twenty-four-seven, holistic discipleship penetrates every context. The kol YHWH resonates in the workplace as well as in the sanctuary, and the world is anxious to witness everyday people living out everyday faith in everyday places.

What’s next for you? Where is God’s voice calling you to take the next step in your personal and professional growth? Is it time for a spiritual renewal retreat? When was the last time you attended a Ministry Conference? Are you going to the New Room Conference this September? Have you discovered

The kol YHWH continues to call us to go deeper in our love for Christ and ability to make Christ known. Learning for a lifetime, especially in a robust community of brothers and sisters on the same journey, keeps the adventure in ministry. Allow us to join you on the next stage of Christ’s mission.

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