Creation Care

Asbury Seminary encourages students, faculty and staff to participate in lifestyles that care for God’s creation. Together we are reclaiming God’s call and learning how to better steward God’s gift through opportunities such as a community garden, lunch forums, events with national speakers, and covenant groups.

Levels of Participation

  • General: for those who want to participate in the community garden and attend lunch forums and other activities sponsored by the Creation Care Community (CCC). Check the box on your contact card that indicates you would like to join the Creation Care Community. Being a part of the community keeps you apprised of events, allowing you to pick and choose what to attend.
  • Covenant: for those who desire a deeper formational experience in a group context. Those involved in covenant groups will have the same opportunities to be involved in the garden, monthly lunch forums, etc. To join a covenant group, check the box on your contact card indicating you need help finding a covenant group or that you are already in a covenant group.

How do I become a part of this community?