Renewal Retreats

Our goal of a Renewal Retreat is to create space for Christian leaders in ministry and business to experience holistic renewal and spiritual direction.

The Retreat Experience

Renewal Retreats are individual, personalized retreats tailored around your chosen intention (need/longing) for getting away.

For each retreat, we thoughtfully draw from the formation-rich environment of the Asbury Seminary community and craft personalized days to move you slowly through formative experiences aimed toward your intention for the retreat.

Most retreats begin with an appointment with a spiritual director; a professional massage, if desired; and a health conversation to discuss nutrition and choose a gentle way to engage the body during the retreat.

Additional elements of your retreat are incorporated at your request. These might include a conversation with faculty around Scripture, discerning prayer times, leadership advice, sharing in the Eucharist and participating in chapel, fasting in solitude, or delving into study.

Retreat in a Formation-Rich Environment

  • Quiet hotel rooms available at Asbury Inn on the Wilmore campus
  • Work-out room, nature trail maps, and rural environment
  • Library available for study daily except Sundays
  • Chapel (Tuesday – Thursday) and daily Eucharist (Monday – Friday)
  • Conversations with experienced leaders and gifted faculty
  • Healing prayer sessions, discernment circles, listening prayer
  • Spiritual direction 
  • Silence and solitude
  • Professional counseling appointments 
  • Your retreat room and retreat time are covered in prayer before and while you are at Asbury