Asbury University

Seminary Track Eligibility Program [STEP] 

In order to make Asbury Seminary’s Master of Divinity program more pertinent and immediately beneficial to graduates of Asbury University, the Seminary Track Eligibility Program (STEP) offers a 78-hour track within the 96-hour M.Div. degree. Asbury University students with a major in Bible and Theology, who are admitted to the Master of Divinity degree program, will be able to select the M.Div. STEP track. Certain courses in which the student has earned a grade of “B” or higher from the University, as outlined below, will be considered for up to 18 hours of credit, resulting in a 78 hour Master of Divinity. Thirty-two hours of those remaining 78 hours must be completed “on campus” to meet the residency requirement for the degree program. Residency hours may be completed on either the Kentucky or Florida Dunnam Campus. Six courses (up to 18 credit hours) may be selected from the following:

Asbury University courses approved for STEP Satisfy these requirements
HEB101,102, 201 (9 credit hours total) OT501 and OT502 (6 credit hours total)
GK101, 102, 201 (9 credit hours total) NT501 and NT502 (6 credit hours total)
OT100 and OT200 (6 credit hours total) OT520 (3 credit hours)
TH300 (3 credit hours) TH501 (3 credit hours)
PHL361 (3 credit hours) PH501 (3 credit hours)

  Master of Social Work—Asbury University and the University of Kentucky Students may elect to complete dual degrees with Asbury Seminary (M.Div. or M.A.) and Asbury University (MSW) or the University of Kentucky (MSW). Please check with the Office of the Registrar for further details.