London School of Theology

London School of Theology/University of Middlesex

Ph.D. Asbury Theological Seminary has developed a relationship with London School of Theology (LST) and the University of Middlesex, for the purpose of providing external supervision of advanced research degree students enrolled at LST. The Ph.D. at LST is a research degree that emphasizes the writing and successful defense of a thesis; it typically includes minimal or no coursework. Students interested in taking advantage of this option for postgraduate study should contact LST (email:; or write to the Research Administrator, London School of Theology, Green Lane, Northwood, Middlesex, England HA6 2UW [for further information, go to]). When contacting LST and throughout the LST admissions process, prospective students should identify their interest in a research program of external supervision, as well as name the Asbury Seminary faculty person under whose supervision they wish to conduct research.

The LST admissions process will include a formal interview with Asbury Seminary professor, Dr. Laurence Wood. LST bears final responsibility for student admission and also approves research supervisors from among the Asbury Seminary faculty. (A list of approved supervisors is available at Asbury Seminary in the office of Advanced Research Programs.) LST will also appoint a second supervisor from its own staff. Upon admission, the student is responsible to meet all enrollment and tuition obligations at LST, as well as enroll as a Visiting Ph.D. student (VPS status) each fall and spring semester at Asbury Seminary, paying tuition as a full-time (6 credit hours of Ph.D. tuition) or part-time (4 credit hours of Ph.D. tuition) visiting Ph.D. student each semester, until successful defense of the thesis.

Students with VPS status are granted full library privileges, research supervision, an email account, a seminary mailbox, access to student housing (Kentucky Campus) and student health insurance, and other benefits consistent with student status at Asbury Seminary, with the exception of financial aid and enrollment verification. In order to facilitate enrollment at Asbury Seminary, students should provide a copy of their letter of admission to LST’s externally supervised research program, and communicate their intent to enroll, to Dr. Laurence Wood, the Office of Admissions, and the Office of the Registrar.