Professional Identity & Licensing

Student Records Advisory

Student official records are kept by the Registrar and include such information as transcripts.
Records related to student progress in your counseling degree plan (i.e., evaluations by your site supervisor, practicum hour record sheet, etc.) are not official Seminary records. These are maintained in the Counseling and Pastoral Care office for five years after your graduation and then they are destroyed. Therefore, we strongly encourage you, the student, to maintain your own permanent record of the important documents related to your degree.

Professional Licensure Information for MAMH and MAMF Students

See the links in the menu on the left to go to Florida and Kentucky licensure boards and/or to connect with professional counseling organizations.

Becoming a licensed professional counselor is the goal for most of our graduates. The educational (what courses you must take and how many hours you need to have in counseling) and experiential (number of hours of field placement) requirements for licensure are set by each state. Some states ask for as few as 48 hours of academic counseling course work while other states ask for as many as 60 hours of academic counseling course work. For example, Florida and Kentucky require 60 semester hours in counseling course work to become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Association (FL) or a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (KY).

Each student is responsible for knowing what the state’s requirements are for the state in which the student hopes to seek licensure as a LPC, LMHC, or LMFT. That means that you will want to contact your target states for the most current information that enumerates the licensure laws. The National Board of Certified Counselors ( provides names and addresses for each state’s professional counseling licensure board. The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy ( provides a link for marriage and family state license boards.

Asbury’s MAMH is based on the educational guidelines set forth by the Council on Accreditation for Counseling and Related Educational Programs which requires 60 hours of academic counseling course work. Asbury’s MAMF is based on the marriage and family licensure categories in Kentucky and Florida and provides 48 hours in counseling course work. Each professional counseling program covers classes in the major content areas stipulated by CACREP (MAMH) or the categories in the marriage and family license laws for Kentucky and Florida (MAMF).