Scholarship of Distinction

If you graduated from a CCCU/ABHE* institution, we know you have made a commitment to receiving a quality Christ-centered education.   With academic excellence comes the opportunity to be considered for a scholarship of distinction, also known as the CCCU Scholarship. Along with scholarship consideration, you will also receive advanced standing simply because of the decision you have made.

Scholarships funds are limited, so be sure to apply early for best consideration.

Incoming eligibility includes:

  • Recent graduate (18 months or less) of a CCCU/ABHE Institution 
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA

Annual eligibility includes:

  • Continuous Enrollment
  • At least 9 Credit Hours per Semester / 21 Credit Hours per Year
  • Maintain Cumulative 3.0 GPA

* Qualifying Schools include CCCU and ABHE

 Advanced Standing

  • Advanced standing credits may be awarded to religion majors and minors from accredited colleges and universities. You may receive up to 18 credit hours toward the Master of Divinity degree or 12 credit hours toward a Master of Arts degree.
  • For the Master of Divinity degree, if 18 credit hours of advanced standing is awarded, you will only need an additional 78 credit hours to complete this 96-hour degree. For the Master of Arts degrees, if 12 hours of advanced standing credit is awarded, you will only need an additional 48 credit hours to complete your degree program. Transcripts will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

For details surrounding the scholarship and/or advanced standing program, please call 844.GO.TO.ATS and speak with a Financial Aid Coordinator.