Doctor of Ministry

Leadership, Formation and Church Planting

The church needs leaders who are formed in its ancient traditions, as well as in adaptability and innovation. This time-tested path of discipleship, empowered afresh by the Holy Spirit, speaks authentically to the longing of our post-Christian context. This cohort focuses on leadership formation, organizational leadership dynamics, and church planting/revitalization from a sacramental perspective.

Your cohort will tackle current challenges such as:

  •  Discipleship for the faith community
  •  Leadership during times of global and personal disruption
  •  Resistance to Christianity
  •  Cultural confusion around the purposes of the Church
  •  Rediscovery of the sacraments and spiritual practices in community

As you complete your degree, you will:

  • Enter in a space that invites reflection and conversation
  • Engage in robust academics, research, and writing
  • Experience meaningful, vibrant, spiritually formed relationships
  • Explore relevant and adaptive ministry perspectives and practices
  • Enhance local/global ministry capacities

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Organizational Leadership Cohort Degree Plan

Sample Cohort Syllabi

DM910 Core Course Habits that Sustain Ministry 4 credit hours
DM911 Core Course Discovering God’s Missional Heart 4 credit hours
DM(MLC)915 Seminar I Spiritual Formation in the Sacramental Tradition 4 credit hours
DM(MLC)916 Seminar II Organizational Leadership in the Sacramental Tradition 4 credit hours
DM(MLC)917A Seminar III Engaging Culture and Context 2 credit hours
DM(MLC)917B Seminar III Engaging Culture and Context 2 credit hours
DM(MLC)918A Seminar IV Church Planting and Mission 2 credit hours
DM(MLC)918B Seminar IV Church Planting and Mission 2 credit hours

Lead Professors/Guest Speakers

Dr. Jonathan A. Powers is the Assistant Professor of Worship and the Associate Dean of the E. Stanley Jones School of Mission and Ministry. He has authored several articles, chapters, and books and served as the general editor of New Life in the Risen Christ: A Wesleyan Theology of Baptism, and the hymnal, Our Great Redeemer’s Praise. Jonathan lives in Wilmore, Kentucky with his wife, Faith, and his daughters, Audrey and Elizabeth.

Dr. Emilio Alvarez serves as Associate Provost of Lifelong Learning at Asbury Theological Seminary. Bishop Alvarez holds a Bachelors in Christian Education, a Master of Arts in Religious Education from New York Theological Seminary, a Ph.D. in Religious Education from Fordham University in the Bronx, New York.

Dr. Jay Moon is a Professor of Evangelism & Church Planting at Asbury Theological Seminary and served 13 years as a SIM missionary, largely in Ghana, West Africa doing church planting and water development. He has authored and edited several books, including Entrepreneurial Church Planting. He frequently speaks on church planting, evangelism, and marketplace mission, and partners with small businesses that keep him engaged in unchurched and de-churched people.