August 2016

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Four Great Wesleyan Distinctives II

 By President Dr. Timothy Tennent In these challenging days, there is a part of us which wants to just throw in the towel and go and join an independent, evangelical church and put our pain in the rear view mirror.  But, the deeper impulse is to remember our heritage and to keep on faithfully preaching […]

Asbury Seminary Grads Elected UM Conference Bishops

WILMORE, KY—Asbury Theological Seminary is pleased to announce that two of the recently elected United Methodist bishops in the USA are graduates of the Seminary. Bishop Frank Beard and Bishop James Nunn were elected to the North Central Jurisdictional Conference and the South Central Jurisdictional Conference respectively. “We are delighted that Asbury Theological Seminary continues […]

Alumni Spotlight: Stephen D. Elliott

Steve Elliott (D.Min., 2007) was raised in Canada, a fourth generation Wesleyan. He became a Christian around the age of 5 and was very active in his home church as a teenager. He married his high school sweetheart Helen in 1975, and they now have 3 children, 2 grandchildren, and a wonderful son-in-law. As a […]

A Taste-Testing of Ireland

 Dia is Muire duit. (A traditional morning greeting means God (or God and Mary) be with you.) On June 21st , sixteen pilgrims gathered at airports around the United States full of anticipation and excitement.  We wondered what this journey might hold for us. Most of us had never met, but we all held one thing […]

D.Min Cohort Offered in Social Transformation

“A D.Min in Social Justice?  At Asbury Theological Seminary?”  We’ve gotten that response from more than one person when talking about the D.Min cohort we are offering in Social Justice, Ethics and the Church, beginning in January, 2017. In truth, we think Asbury is the perfect place for a D.Min in this area!  Given John […]

Campus Store Releases Estes Chapel Christos Window Keepsake

Take a moment to put yourself in the audience as you read this account from The Pentecostal Herald on the evening of May 30, 1955: “A hushed silence of awe and admiration mingled with deeply stirred emotions of praise and admiration pervaded the entire audience.  While still on the mountain peak of holy emotion, and […]

Distinguished Alumni Nominations are Open!

Is there an Asbury Theological Seminary Graduate who has made a difference in your life and those around you? Nominate them for the 2016 Distinguished Alumni Award! This award is designed to honor alumni who in their personal lives and public ministries exhibit the Asbury values of a theologically educated, sanctified, spirit-filled, evangelistic ministry to […]

Seedbed – August 2016

In the coming months, more titles will be rolling of the Seedbed presses that showcase the caliber and giftedness of Asbury Seminary’s faculty and staff (past and present!). Winfield Bevins, Sandra Richter, Stephen Semands, John Oswalt, and Timothy Tennent will all add another resource to the shelves before Christmas, and we want to give you […]

Updates-August 2016

Asbury Seminary Ph.D. Student Receives First Prize at Oikonomia Network Asbury Theological Seminary is pleased to announce that Murray Vasser received first prize at the Oikonomia Network’s Ph.D. Student Challenge Symposium on A Theology of Faith, Work and Economics. Vasser presented his paper, “Sell your Possessions: Luke 12:33 and the Greco-Roman Utopian Ideal” at the […]

Alumni Publications – August 2016

 Bullying. It’s an issue that has taken on renewed emphasis in our electronically connected, social media world. We’re more aware than ever that bullying happens in many places: in the work-place, on professional sports teams, in schools, and on social media. Everyone from supermodels to students and CEOs to celebrities is taking a stand against bullying in […]