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D.Min Cohort Offered in Social Transformation

Published Date: July 29, 2016

“A D.Min in Social Justice?  At Asbury Theological Seminary?”  We’ve gotten that response from more than one person when talking about the D.Min cohort we are offering in Social Justice, Ethics and the Church, beginning in January, 2017.

In truth, we think Asbury is the perfect place for a D.Min in this area!  Given John Wesley’s remarkable integration of Christian piety and social engagement, our Wesleyan heritage offers ideal resources for unpacking the theology of social transformation.

Perhaps in modern times the term “social justice” has become a catchphrase for all kinds of political and economic agendas.  But our aim will be to deepen our biblical and theological foundation for engagement in the work of social transformation and renewal.  We will identify social practices and policies in need of change, and we will identify the spiritual and social resources needed for change. 

Each student’s D.Min dissertation will focus on a specific ministry transformation project.  Students will demonstrate a grasp of the history of the topic and knowledge of the critical issues and methodologies relevant to effective social transformation and renewal.  The end result of the dissertation will be an expression of public theology that is both academically robust and strategic in identifying a route toward social change.

Case learning will be presented to peers at various stages of the dissertation.  The D.Min is designed for those who already have significant ministry experience.  One of the key resources we will have in this cohort is one another!  Indeed, our intention is that the members of this cohort will continue to encourage and resource one another for years to come.    

So many social issues cry out for the Church to address: poverty, health care, crime, prison overpopulation, corporate responsibility, addiction, race relations, marriage, policies governing sexuality and gender, unwanted pregnancies, refugees.  The list really does go on and on.  We are asking the question of potential students: Is there an issue which God has placed on your heart, and which may even be waking you up in morning?

The deadline for applications is August 31, 2016.  To get started with the application process, go to: 

You can also call 859.858.2187 to talk with someone on the DMin Team.

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