February 2019

The Alumni Link is a monthly e-publication provided to the alumni of Asbury Theological Seminary

Dr. Timothy Tennent: Spirit-Filled Life Sermon Series

We invite you to listen to Dr. Tennent’s past “Spirit-filled Life” sermons, and be sure to tune into this semester’s sermons as well! Get the details here!

Asbury is Committed to Stewarding Our Holy Spaces Well!

It is an important part of our faith to care for the resources God has given us. Help us renovate Fletcher Chapel, and you will receive a free gift for a donation of ANY amount. Read here to get more info!

Know a Retired Alumnus Who Could Use Some Help with Medical Costs?

Are you or someone you love a retired alumnus of Asbury Theological Seminary who needs help with medical costs? Read here for more information on an incredible gift that has been given for our alumni!

New Members of Asbury Theological Seminary’s Board of Trustees

In the coming months, we will be introducing you all to our current Board of Trustees by providing some information on each one. This month, we welcome the new members who were elected in November 2018. Be sure to check back on the next Link for more!

New Room and Woodlands Music: Awakening Tour

New Room and Woodlands Music has partnered together for an Awakening Tour that is already in progress! Check here to see if they will be near you!

Class of 1969 to be Honored in May

Are you or a loved one a part of class of 1969? We will be honoring them this May! Check here for more details on the big festivities!

Got an Alumni Gathering at your Annual Conference?

Do you have an ATS Alumni gathering at your Annual Conference in the summer? Would you like to have one? Look here for more information!

Asbury for Life! January Blessings

ExL students, and alumni auditors, we want to welcome you when you come to campus! Here’s a brief update on our Blessings, Bagels, and Bananas events during the month of January.

Holy Misfits: A Guided Prayer Exercise

Do you feel like a misfit or an outcast? Patricia Taylor shares a guided prayer exercise from Soul Care Community, designed to help you connect with God and find your place in the kingdom.


We celebrate the lives of these saints who have gone on to glory!