Asbury is Committed to Stewarding Our Holy Spaces Well!

If you’ve ever served on your Church’s trustees committee, you already know that it takes a lot of work to do proper upkeep on buildings and to keep everything functioning properly. As we steward our resources in the Name and mission of Christ, eventually, there is a need for full-scale renovation of any space.  Every year, our alumni engage in a fundraising project to help support future Asburians the way others supported them. The last project was a renovation project for Estes Chapel, and it was incredible! The newly renovated space is beautiful and will continue to last for generations to come. That time has now come for Fletcher Chapel.

Fletcher Chapel is our primary chapel for our Daily Eucharist services, among other things, and it is in use daily. It is one of the spaces on campus where people can slip in and say a prayer in private or have a group prayer time. Many students, faculty, and staff have encountered Jesus in that space, but it is becoming worn and in need of repair. Our Alumni (YOU!) have been tasked with raising $50,000 for renovations to the space, including some structural repairs that are needed to keep the space from becoming more damaged over time. We want to make sure that this building lasts and serves our Asbury family for as long as possible.

A word about donations:

When businesses, interest groups, and larger donors consider donating to places like Asbury, they want to know that the money they give is going to a place where good is being done. One way that they measure that is by seeing if our own alumni believe in the work we do enough to contribute financially. They don’t look so hard at how much is given by each person, but rather how many of our alumni give. So, it benefits the seminary when alumni give, no matter how much money they send! It can actually land us more money for scholarships and other important things that are necessary in order to continue delivering well-trained ministers to go out into the world.

So, we have designated a fund for Fletcher Chapel’s renovations, and we are asking you to contribute in good faith ANY donation amount. And, as an extra incentive, when you specify your donation to go toward Fletcher Chapel’s renovations, we will send you a free gift, which is a buttery soft, commemorative Asbury For Life “Keep the Feast” shirt! Simply specify on the donation portal here or send a note with your mailed check that you would like a free shirt. Don’t forget to include your shirt size and an updated address for shipping! We will make sure to get those shirts out to you as quickly as we can. And, let your other alumni friends know and challenge them to give, even if it is $5! Every donation counts, and God will multiply it to meet the need as we give faithfully to his work.


5 responses to “Asbury is Committed to Stewarding Our Holy Spaces Well!”

  1. Gerald Yotter says:

    This chapel was not a part of the campus when I graduated in 1973. Where is it located? Thank you

    • Patricia Taylor says:

      Fletcher Chapel is located inside the Stanger-McPheeters Building that is located across the traffic circle from the Asbury Inn.

  2. Rurel Ausley says:

    Lisa and I got our tee shirts!!!!

  3. Ed Beedle says:

    Got my t-shirt but more important is the renovation in Fletcher Chapel. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

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