June 2014

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God’s Answer

by J. Ellsworth KalasI have mixed feelings about the times in which we live.  I’m a deep-dyed optimist but I’m also an honest man.  I have seen despair at its ugliest and hope at its beautifully absurd.  I grew up during the Great Depression; I remember the family friend who hung himself in his barn […]

My Charge to the Asbury Theological Seminary Graduating Class of 2014

by President Timothy C. Tennent       In 1904 William Borden graduated from high school. He was the heir to the great Borden milk fortune. For his graduation gift, his parents sent him on a trip around the world, hoping it would stimulate his global business interests. Instead, for the first time he realized […]

Welcome Back Class of 1964

by Sandra Blumanhourst, Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore Campus, Alumni OfficeThe sun was beaming, the birds were chirping, and the air was filled with anticipation as we eagerly awaited the arrival of thirteen members of the Asbury Theological Seminary Class of 1964 and ten spouses.  These Golden Graduates joined us for a special reunion May 23-24, 2014, […]

Alumni Bibles Given to Graduates

by Sandra Blumanhourst, Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore Campus, Alumni Office     On May 24, 2014, I walked across the stage and accepted my degree from Asbury Theological Seminary.  I shook hands with President Tennent and posed for a picture.  As I came down from the platform, I was welcomed into the the fold of […]

Senior Chapel Week: Florida-Dunnam Campus

by Dr. Jeffrey W. Frymire, Associate Professor of Homiletics and Dean of Chapel, Asbury Theological Seminary, OrlandoEvery year the Florida Campus takes a week of Chapel services to honor its graduating seniors. Senior Chapel week features not only a time of prayer and dedication over the graduates, but also takes the opportunity to have two […]

Graduates Chapel: Wilmore Campus

by Sandra Blumanhourst, Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore Campus, Alumni Office         As the time of graduation neared, the chapel office took two days to rejoice with the graduates.  In addition, a few of the graduates served the community through leading in acts of worship during these two days.  The two graduates who […]

2014 Distinguished Alumni Award

          Is there an Asbury Theological Seminary Graduate who has made a difference in your life and those around you? Nominate them for the 2014 Distinguished Alumni Award! This award is designed to honor alumni who in their personal lives and public ministries exhibit the Asbury values of a theologically educated, sanctified, […]

Your Summer Reading List from Seedbed

Somehow it’s summer already, and as you embrace warm mornings, time poolside, and (hopefully) a vacation or two, Seedbed has you covered on the summer reading front. If you haven’t checked out these new releases, we highly recommend them — and don’t stop there. Many would make great summer studies for your small groups or […]

Alumni Updates – June 2014

     Rev. Ashlee Alley (2003, MDiv) has been appointed as the clergy development and recruitment coordinator for the Great Plains United Methodist Conference.  The Great Plains United Methodist Conference (GPUMC) is comprised of the former Kansas East, Kansas West and Nebraska Conferences of the United Methodist Church. GPUMC began operating Jan. 1, 2014. Melanie […]

Alumni Publications – June 2014

                                                            The Pastor’s First Love: And Other Essays on a High and Holy Calling by Rev. Donald N. Bastian (1956, BD; 1991, DDiv) Rev. Bastian writes about the pastor […]