May 2016

The Alumni Link is a monthly e-publication provided to the alumni of Asbury Theological Seminary

Worship Unplugged

By: Dr. Timothy Tennent, President of Asbury Theological Seminary  When we think about the legacy of the 16th century Reformation our minds quickly go to such sublime themes as justification by faith and the priesthood of all believers.  However, if you actually lived in the 16th century the biggest “felt” impact of the Reformation was in the […]

God’s Healing Plan in Transition

Recently I saw a social media post from an Army Chaplain who was forced into retirement due to injuries sustained in Afghanistan. The chaplain was struggling with the loss of his health, and his dream career in the Army. He was also worried about where support for his transition would come. Would this support come […]

Meet the Alumni Team

In Office StaffTammy Cessna, Director of Alumni & Church Relations, is a graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary and spends her days at Asbury loving on the alumni community. She has three grown kids and a fuzzy dog, not to mention a great sense of fashion. The best thing about Tammy is her generosity and gentle spirit. […]

Thanks For the Memories: The Close of Ministry Conference

By: Ginny Proctor, Manager, Lifelong Learning Since 1945 the seminary has enjoyed hosting the annual Ministers’ Conference, known in later years as Ministry Conference. With the exception of a three-year hiatus, it is considered to be the longest-running annual conference in the history of Asbury Seminary. The week-long commencement celebrations of President H. C. Morrison were […]

Diligent Preparation

by: David Goss, (M.Div., 2007), Alumni Council Member Last night was a harrowing experience to say the least, as my oldest son, Noah, had a terrible reaction to a macaroon that sent him into anaphylactic shock.  As we approached the Emergency Room window, Noah vomited all over the entry mat, then twice in the hallway […]

Pearls of Wisdom: Paragraphs

By: Dr. Charles Killian,  Asbury Theological Seminary Professor 1970-2004 Although not confessing to be a Christian, Dr. Albert Einstein wrote this about the Church: “Being a lover of freedom, when the Nazi revolution came, I looked to the Universities to defend it, knowing that they had always boasted their devotion to the cause of truth; but no, the […]

Labor of Love: Hand of Hope

For this year’s ATS Service Day, we partnered with Habitat for Humanity of Jessamine Co. We prayerfully decided to focus on the local community in Wilmore. Over 120 people consisting of ATS Staff, Faculty, Students, and Families joined us to help. The volunteer team focused on three local houses, and was able to make some […]

Seedbed-May 2016

A Call to Travailing Prayer A few weeks ago we at Seedbed released a refreshed brand look, and version 3.0 of our website. It’s been a special time as we’ve reflected on our first four years and looked ahead to those to come.During this time of reflection we’ve also been refocusing our collective hearts on […]

Faculty Publications- May 2016

Impossible Love By: Dr. Craig Keener & Dr. Medine Keener What can happen when a shy, white New Testament doctoral student converted from atheism meets a shy, black African doctoral exchange student? And what happens when they find themselves separated not only by continents but by civil war, international politics and personal tragedies? A refugee […]

Publications- May 2016

Joseph: A Story About a Family By Dr. Stephen V. Elliott Home is where the story begins for each of us. The stamp of life was placed on us there. All we are today traces its way back to our parents and siblings, our contexts and circumstances, our sorrows and pains, and our joys and […]