A Sneak Peek at October’s Means of Grace for the Seminary Community

Published Date: October 2, 2019

For this academic year, Asbury Theological Seminary has adopted a community focus on living a “Grace-Filled Life” and utilizing the Means of Grace as a way to grow in our faith. During the month of September, we focused on banding together for mutual growth and accountability. The month resulted in more than 200 students being added to our DNA discipleship bands as well as many staff members! We also saw many more alumni and friends who “banded together” at the New Room Conference in Tennessee.

For the month of October, our focus will turn to prayer. How can we grow in relationship with someone we never talk with? The same is true for our relationship with God. Our community will be learning about what prayer actually is and how to have a vibrant and authentic prayer life. Join us in chapel to hear the best preaching and instruction regarding this means of grace. You can view the chapel schedule here.

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