A Story of Grace

A Story of Grace

By Charles Killian, B.Div. 1963

The earliest remembrance I had of God was with a sainted woman by the name of Grace Huffman.  She lived in our small town of Tyner, Indiana, barely a hundred people.

Early in my life, Grace befriended me.  I was often at her home, eating cookies, listening to her singing.  She loved me and tutored me, even though I had no idea what was going on.

Many were the times she prayed for me, even though I wondered if I would ever find my way to God.  It all seemed like a ‘dead end,’ and I felt alone and worried.

I recall that time when I agonized at the altar of a small country church.  As I knelt there, struggling, Grace came to me and tenderly said, “Charlie, God is not mad at you.  He loves you and wants you to follow Him.”  Silently, I lifted my sad eyes to Grace, and said, “You mean, God is not mad at me?”  She looked at me and said it three times—God is not mad at you.

It was the beginning of a new day.  I discovered peace!  And Grace added this gift, “You have been touched by the living power of FORGIVENESS.”

Seventy years ago…I recall the event as if it occurred last night.  In fact, it did.  Grace and Peace to you all. 

5 responses to “A Story of Grace”

  1. Thomas J. Michalko says:

    Praise God for His divine touch in our lives, even when we are unaware of this reality! PTL for daily life and breathe! GRASE n PEACE, Tom

  2. JOSEPH MENSAH says:

    Dr Killian this is your apprentice and friend Dr Joseph Mensah Accra Ghana. Your write up on Grace is classic. It is a powerful piece on Grace. It has really blessed my soul this morning. It threw me into praise and worship with a heart of gratitude and tears in my eyes. Our God is GREAT everything about HIM is GREAT. Thanks for sharing.

  3. larry platt "93" says:

    And that grace was evident every day of seminary life and in preaching classes. It has been a part of recognizing unmerited, unworthy love from God, freely given to everyone who wants it. Grace to you , Professor (still) Killian

  4. D.J. Muszynski says:

    Professor Killian,
    I thank God for having you as a professor in preaching. I think of you often, and it is good to discover you are ministering and spreading the grace.

  5. Marcia Burgess says:

    Thank you, Chuck, for this story of Grace and all the other stories of grace that you shared with your Seminary family down through the years. (even the slide shows)

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