Apply for 2020 Doctor of Ministry Cohorts at Asbury

Now, more than ever, Christian leadership requires deep theological thought and wisdom. Are you someone who desires to grow deeper in your knowledge and abilities as a Christian leader? Our Doctor of Ministry Program provides opportunities for growth and being equipped for a variety of ministry contexts, and now is the time to apply for cohorts starting in 2020. 

2020 Cohorts include: 

  • Preaching and Leading | Dr. Jeffrey Frymire, Dr. Russell West, and Guests
  • Organizational Leadership | Dr. Bryan Sims, Dr. Tom Tumblin, Dr. David Gyertson, and Guests
  • Missional Leadership in the Sacramental Tradition | Dr. Winfield Bevins, Dr. Kris McDaniel, and Guests

All students take 2 core courses taught by Dr. Chris Kiesling/ Dr. Michael Matlock, and Dr. Gregg Okesson/ Dr. Steve Seamands

Learn more about the Doctor of Ministry Program and read cohort descriptions at 

Applications are due December 1st to be considered for scholarship awards. Begin your Asbury journey at

2 responses to “Apply for 2020 Doctor of Ministry Cohorts at Asbury”

  1. John says:

    Since Hebrew and Greek are so important to Biblical Interpretation for ministry, how about consider a D.Min. using the original languages for preaching, teaching, pastoral care and leadership?

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