These Asburians Lead Some of the Top 25 Fastest Growing Large United Methodist Churches in America!

Asbury has a lot to be proud of!

We are always proud of all are graduates, no matter what ministry context they are serving. But, on occasion, we have cause to celebrate them a little extra. Asbury Theological Seminary would like to congratulate 9 of our own graduates who are leading some of the top 25 fastest growing large United Methodist Churches in America, according to this year’s study by the General Council of Finance and Administration office of the United Methodist Church. We are incredibly proud of all of you! According to this study, here is how our own alumni stacked up:

Coming in at #24, we have Ed Robb III

Ed Robb III is a 1993 graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary and served on our Board of Trustees from 1998-2016. He currently serves The Woodlands UMC in The Woodlands, TX.

Climbing to #21, we find Steve Cordle

Steve Cordle is a 1983 graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary. He serves Crossroads UMC in Oakdale, PA.

In the #20 spot, we have Brad Kalajainen

Brad Kalajainen is a 1981 graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary, and he serves Cornerstone Church in Grand Rapids, MI.

Our alumnus who showed up as #19 is Talbot Davis

Talbot Davis is a 1990 graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary and serves Good Shepherd UMC in Charlotte, NC.

The #16 spot is held by Jay Hanson

Jay Hanson is a 2003 graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary and serves The Chapel UMC in Brunswick, GA.

Jumping straight to #9, we have Jeff Harper

Jeff Harper is a 2011 graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary and serves Evangelical United Methodist Church in Greenville, OH.

For #6, we have Rurel Ausley, Jr.

Rurel Ausley is a 1980 graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary and serves Crosspoint Church in Niceville, FL.

Breaking in at #4, we have this year’s Distinguished Alumnus, Dale Locke

Dale Locke is a 1988 graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary and serves Community of Hope UMC in Loxahatchee Groves, FL.

And rocking the #1 slot, Adam Weber does us proud

Adam Weber is a 2007 graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary and serves Embrace UMC in Sioux Falls, SD.

4 responses to “These Asburians Lead Some of the Top 25 Fastest Growing Large United Methodist Churches in America!”

  1. Lisa Ausley says:

    Nine out of 25?! Impressive showing for ATS!

  2. Rev. Wm Hart says:

    this is an amazing idea…to promote the ROLE MODELS of Wesley’s Way, his gospel of the Kingdom of God: “…righteousness, joy and peace in the HOLY Spirit.”

    I honor the NEW Room leaders who are showing us “THE Way” – from the politics to the power: “praying in The Spirit; “preaching the Word – of TRUTH;” and practicing the presence of God through worship in the intimate love of our Father.
    I honor them for building “the body of Christ” through the Koinonia of the Ekklesia! (the oneness in the fellowship of the redeemed).

    And now, YES, we need the names, faces and stories of the heros who are standing strong. God has always used the anointed ones to inspire and encourage -like David, Joshua, Samson…and Billy Graham! Today is his CELEBRATION ceremony.
    On this present battlefield with the Anti-Christ spirit in our nation and the anti-holiness preachers of pluralism in our pulpits, we need to hear and SEE the evidence of The Kingdom of our HOLY God in the UMC.
    MORE Lord, MORE!

  3. Talbot Davis says:

    Thanks for list & pic! For clarity, stats came from GCFA but the study & list itself comes from Len Wilson who is a Friend Of Asbury.

  4. Lori O’Maille says:

    This is awesome! I was born into the Methodist faith in 1963. Amazing to see how the church has changed over the last 54 years. I’m grateful to be a part of Crosspoint United Methodist Church in Niceville Florida and to have Rurel Ausley as a pastor. It makes me smile from the inside out to know that our church will survive whatever comes our way. Congratulations to all in this article. Keep up the good work. Well done good and faithful servant.

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