Asbury Seminary’s Alumni Council Conducts Yearly Business

Published Date: October 2, 2019

This September marked another gathering of your Alumni Council, right here on the Kentucky Campus. There were 20 councilmembers in attendance along with several spouses and your Alumni Office staff. We met for three days and formed even stronger bonds with one another, continuing our commitment to our Asbury Theological Seminary family.

Our ATS staff joyfully reported on our ever-increasing enrollment stats and explained how we could help our seminary community continue to grow and equip Spirit-filled, godly leaders in the Kingdom of God. We reported on how our seminary is pursuing donors to help our students graduate with little to no debt in the future as part of our 2023 strategic plan and about how our seminary continues to become more and more financially strong for the sake of future ministers of the gospel. We also shared with our Alumni Council about all the new initiatives to help shape leaders no matter what program they choose to pursue and all the ways we are extending our influence to help spread Scriptural holiness.

Our Alumni Council discussed many things they can do to serve and represent you well! One thing they chose to begin doing was to personally contact all first year alumni and touch base with them–to see how they are doing and pray with them. We want to truly embody the sense of family and community we communicate. If you are a first year alumnus, be sure to answer the phone and have a chat with our council members! They are not soliciting donations; they are interested in praying for you and seeing what type of support would be helpful to you!

They also discussed future members of Alumni Council and some plans they have for welcoming future alumni into our family, creating a continuing relationship with them to help them be supported and successful. We discussed future Alumni Council meetings and ways in which we can collaborate more and be more productive with our time and energy. We welcomed several new members on board: Rev. Erica Wellner, Dr. Andrea Baare, Rev. Dr. Fernando Lua, Rev. Katie Grover, Rev. Rick LaDue, and our own Distinguished Alumnus for 2018, Rev. Dr. Alfred Kalembo. We are glad to have them on our team.

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