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Asbury Theological Seminary Focuses on Living the Spirit Filled Life

Published Date: October 5, 2018

Asbury Theological Seminary has a long legacy of holiness of heart, mind, and body. God has certainly been faithful to us and has been moving among us every day of the 95 years we have been theologically educating women and men for the glory of God. But, these days, we are seeing God’s hand move in our midst even more than ever before. This year, God has placed it on our hearts and minds that this is to be a year in which we emphasize our need for the Holy Spirit’s presence in our lives. Not only that, but we are declaring this day that the Holy Spirit is still very much active within the Body of Christ, and we cannot even be the Body of Christ without the Spirit of God.

We have been experiencing a surge of the Holy Spirit’s presence within our community worship. Dr. Timothy Tennent has preached two sermons on the Spirit Filled life. You can view these sermons in the Asbury Theological Seminary Chapel Archives. Fresh anointing and hints of revival are spreading as we acknowledge our need for the Spirit of God to descend on us. We are seeing God stirring in the greater Wilmore community as well, with many local ministry leaders beginning to gather together in unity and prayer over our town.

As we have prayed and asked the Lord how we can work intentionally to reinforce what we see the Spirit doing, He has put it on our hearts to share among our Asbury community about what God has done in our lives through the power of the Spirit. The Lord impressed upon us the weight of Revelation 12:11, which tells us that we will overcome the enemy by 1) the blood of the Lamb and 2) the words of our testimony. This is how we will break through strongholds that would stand between us and being empowered by the Spirit. This is how we can cooperate with God as He seeks to stir up the gifting of the Spirit among us.

On October 19th, 2018 at 6pm, we will hold an event designed to allow our faculty and staff to share their testimonies of being baptized with the Spirit of God.

Who: Our entire Asbury Theological Seminary family is invited. Students, faculty, staff, families, and alumni are welcome to join us. If you are in the area, please come!

What: This will be the biggest bonfire and hotdog roast the Seminary has ever seen! We will gather at 6pm to eat hotdogs and have a time of worship with our Chapel Band. Afterward, we will hear testimonies from faculty and staff about times when they have received a significant infilling of the Spirit of God.

Where: The event will be held on the lawn between the single student dorms (Bettie Morrison and Sundo Kim residence halls) and Kalas Village.The lawn is located at the southern end of Epworth Drive in Wilmore.

When: Friday evening, October 19, 2018 at 6:00pm EST

Why: To hear testimony of how God can fill us with his Spirit and rejoice over what He has done. You’ll also get free hot dogs, free s’mores, and a free t-shirt with our “The Spirit Filled Life emblem on it! We want to see as many people out there as possible to hear what God is doing among us. Come out for good fellowship with the whole family!

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6 responses to “Asbury Theological Seminary Focuses on Living the Spirit Filled Life”

  1. Claude E. Griffith says:

    Will this event be presented live on line, or videoed so that we can hear/see it?

  2. I want to be present. I know what God does in such gatherings. The Lotd inhabits the praises of His people.

  3. Ronnie Jones says:

    Somehow, wished it would be live, like chapel services. We that do not live close to Wilmore would just love to participate but distance would hinder that option. Think about it.

  4. Charles Lake says:

    I would love to attend the bonfire but will be attending an OMS retreat at The Cove that weekend. I have marked the date on my calendar and will remember that day and ATS especially on that day.

    For theological accuracy, I hope the testimonies are about believers experience of being filled with the Spirit. Surely, all believers have been baptized in the Spirit, yet so many need to move on the indwelling of the Spirit in His fullness.

  5. Bill Groce says:

    Praise God and kudos to you for listening to him! I wish I could be there. May the revival fires glow!

  6. Ted Osgood says:

    Praise the Lord. My heart is made glad in hearing this. Wish I could be there on the 19th, but that is out of the question. I have been experiencing a fresh anointing, and observing His work around me.

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