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Asbury Theological Seminary in Service to the Global Methodist Church

Published Date: June 3, 2024

Asbury exists to serve the Church. As a confessional seminary whose motto is “the whole Bible for the whole world,” Asbury’s commitments to biblical authority and theological orthodoxy in the Wesleyan tradition have not changed in our 101-year history. The Asbury community embodies holistic practices that open each person to all of God’s transforming grace while offering outstanding courses with distinguished faculty. We also join global partners in countries like Colombia, India, and Cuba to help raise up indigenous leaders for multiplying disciples and churches around the world. 

Asbury has four masters degree options for fulfilling the sixty hours of educational requirements for ordination as an elder in the Global Methodist Church. The Master of Arts in Christian Ministry is approved by the GMC and provides a clear pathway for emerging GMC leaders. See the table below for a typical elder’s sequence. Students called to ordination as a long-term or permanent deacon will have more flexibility.

The Master of Arts in Christian Ministry

Book of Doctrines & Discipline Paragraph

Equivalent Asbury Courses
Introduction to the OT

Introduction to the NT

Christian Leadership

Methodist Theology

Methodist History

Basics of Preaching

OT520 Old Testament Introduction

NT520 New Testament Introduction

CL605 Theology & Practice of Christian Leadership

TH605 Methodist Doctrine & Polity

CH605 Methodist History & Polity

PR510 Introductory Preaching Skills

Pastoral Care

Worship & Sacraments


Evangelism & Missions

PC510 Care of Persons

WO510 Theology & Practice of Worship

TH501 Basic Christian Doctrine

MS501 Missional Formation

History of Christianity I

History of Christianity II

Church Administration

Systematic Theology

OT Elective

NT Elective

CH501 Church History I

CH502 Church History II

CL618 Nonprofit & Ministry Management

TH601 Theology of John Wesley

OT or OT(IBS) Elective

NT(IBS) 510 or 511 Inductive Bible Study (Matthew or Mark)

Theology Elective

Mission & Church Renewal

Advanced Preaching

Spiritual Formation

CS601 Christian Ethics

MS708 World Religions & Mission

PR610 The Theology & Practice of Preaching

CD605 Gospel Catechesis

In addition, a mentored ministry portfolio will be required that demonstrates the integration of course work into the practice of ministry.   

The other GMC-approved degree options include Asbury’s MDIV+, the Master of Arts in Biblical Studies and the Master of Arts in Theological Studies. For GMC leaders requiring the Course of Study, Asbury will launch its Course of Study program for the GMC in the 2024-25 academic year. Go to Asbury’s Global Methodist Church page to learn more about how Asbury serves GMC pastors and leaders.

**Please see HERE for more information about Asbury and the GMC. If you need to update your denominational affiliation, please do so HERE.

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