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Beeson Corner: Serving the New Global Methodist Church

Published Date: June 2, 2022

The Beeson School of Practical Theology has helped lead Asbury’s growing relationship with the Global Methodist Church (GMC). Several Asbury faculty have served on task forces preparing for the new denomination, e.g., designing a catechesis process for disciple-making, refining educational requirements for ordination, and clarifying stances on the sacraments and worship. The Seminary signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Global Methodist Church in early May to partner in a matching grant program for starting new congregations. During that visit, the Seminary also proposed how it will help educate leaders for the GMC.

From left to right, Rev. Angela Pleasants (VP for Clergy and Church Relations), Rev. Keith Boyette (Chairman of the Transitional Leadership Council) and Dr. Timothy Tennent, signing the MOU in McKenna Chapel.

The new denomination currently requires sixty semester hours of education for its clergy, thirty hours to qualify for and maintain deacons’ orders, and another thirty hours to qualify for and maintain elders’ orders. While these standards could change at the Global Methodist Church’s convening conference, tentatively projected for 2023, Asbury will be ready to prepare GMC leaders with the first of four academic certificates available in Fall 2022. GMC students will be able to start fulfilling educational requirements immediately.

Asbury is also collaborating with the Global Methodist Church to design a new Course of Study for those who may not be able to attend seminary. The new program will be created to match the sixty hours of educational content required by the denomination. According to its Book of Doctrines and Discipline, the Course of Study will be a viable pathway to ordination and Asbury will pioneer the Course of Study offerings, anticipating a long-term relationship with this new movement of God in the legacy of John Wesley.

This article was written by Dr. Tom Tumblin, Dean of the Beeson School of Practical Theology Faculty.

4 responses to “Beeson Corner: Serving the New Global Methodist Church”

  1. Jack Wolfe says:

    I am a retired elder of the Great Rivers Conference of the UMC. I have a MDiv from ATS graduating in 1974. When things are ready I would like to transfer to the GMC. Keep me informed on how to transfer.

  2. Ben Butler says:

    Hallelujah, thank You Jesus!

  3. Larry Bergstrom says:

    Thank you for all of your consistent work during these troubling times. I love my seminary and wouldn’t have gone anywhere else. Having graduated in ‘95, the only place for me was Asbury where I could sit at the feet of giants (professors) and soak in the true understanding of the God we serve. Thank you for partnering with the GMC to help make it a reality. The GMC is the only hope for an existence of the Methodist Church for future generations.

  4. Nancy Cornell says:

    I’m a retired UMC Elder of the KY Conference. I find this exciting and a positive move forward in what God is going to do. May He bless this movement with His Presence. Not programs, but prayers to the One we love.

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