Charles Wesley Summits Kilimanjaro!

Published Date: January 4, 2022

After seeing the title and description of this article, you might be scratching your head. We are not talking about a long-lost story concerning the famous hymn-writer adventuring to the farthest reaches of the world and climbing mountains in east Africa. However, Charles Wesley would likely be pleased to know that a mini (plush) version of himself had the joy of doing precisely those things, thanks to Asbury Seminary alum Kent Kroehler.


Rev. Kent Kroehler, seated with Charles Wesley, along with his grandson, Sodi.

Rev. Kroehler graduated with a Master of Divinity in 1968, and, among other things, has found joy in travel and related adventures. Here is what he had to say regarding little Charles’s escapades: “Nine years ago, Joy and I took Charles Wesley on a trip around the world.  It’s my understanding that he never before had a chance to do that – even though his brother claimed the world as his ‘parish.’ This year, I took Charles with me on an ascent to the summit of Africa’s highest mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro.  As near as I could tell, Charles was very grateful for the privilege to climb these 19,341’… on my back.  He did get a little grimy in the volcanic scree, so he’s no longer dressed to lead a hymn sing.” Also, if you have had the opportunity to climb Kilimanjaro, Rev. Kroehler has a suggestion: “After the journey, I learned that my friend Mike Henderson (also ’68) has ascended Mt. Kilimanjaro. There are likely other ATS grads who have done the climb. We can form an ATS Mt. Kilimanjaro Club.”

In a world still riddled with much uncertainty, it is pure joy to hear of something like this. People like Rev. Kroehler show us that God still provides us things to delight in, even as we endeavor to pioneer the terrain of a pandemic. When you feel like the mountain you’re climbing in this season is too big, lean on the Lord – and think back on the plush Wesley brother’s own experience of reaching the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.

One response to “Charles Wesley Summits Kilimanjaro!”

  1. Hi Charles,

    Good to know that you managed to scale Mt. Kilimanjaro. Congratulations.

    I am a Kenyan and an alumnus of ATS the class of 2019. I also climbed the mountain in September of 2019 the same year l graduated from ATS.

    It’s great experience to be at the highest point on the entire continent of Africa.

    I don’t mind joining the ATS Alumni who have climbed the mountain.


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