Church Planting: New eBook, Chapel Series, Podcast Season, and More!

Published Date: January 4, 2022

“When it comes to church planting, one size doesn’t fit all. There are many different types of new churches that are contextualized to a variety of different settings and cultures. Many of the approaches to church planting are built on outdated models of leadership and organizational development that no longer work in today’s complex and changing world. The new currents of evangelism and church planting have provided new opportunities for the church to reach those who do not know Jesus Christ in fresh new ways. One of those new places of opportunity is in the marketplace.”

With that compelling introduction, Dr. Winfield Bevins would like to recommend Dr. Jay Moon’s new eBook, A Missional Approach to the Marketplace. In this valuable resource you will find a practical introduction to the new missional field in the business marketplace. To access this resource, follow this link.

Dr. Bevins would also like to invite you to join us in-person or online for our upcoming Convergence Conference. This year’s theme is “exploring creativity in ministry”. The conference is over the course of 3 days and centers around Asbury Seminary’s chapel service on campus. I hope you will consider joining us or watching the chapel talks online.

If church planting has piqued your interest and you would like more information, Dr. Bevins will be releasing the second season of his Church Planting Conversations podcast. See here to catch up on season one. Church Planting Conversations brings you into the important conversations happening between global leaders, planters and scholars about the current movements and thinking in the church planting world.

Asbury’s Church Planting Initiative is also offering some other resources. In February, there will be a four week training for planting resilient churches: New Churches for a New World. Thanks to generous donors, this training, which usually costs $1,000, is now being offered for $150! You can register here, and find the training schedule more information here.

Finally, Dr. Bevins recently wrote an article for Firebrand Magazine: Tradition and Innovation: A Wesleyan Model for the 21st Century. To read this and other intriguing articles about Christianity in the modern world, see here.

There is much to consider when feeling called to plant a church. May we be committed to making disciples above all else, going into the neighborhoods and among the people to whom the Lord has called us.

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