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Discerning the Call

Published Date: October 3, 2016

The Student Leadership Council (SLC) is honored to be able to provide the second annual Discerning the Call event. Last year, Discerning the Call (DtC) was a single day event in which the SLC made space for students to consider unique opportunities which might await them post-graduation. After a successful event in 2015, the Student Leadership Council was able to think bigger. SLC dreamt that Discerning the Call could reach more students and engage a larger population of ministry ventures. In 2016, the Student Leadership Council is excited to announce that Discerning the Call will expand to a four day event of building relationships, sharing stories, and giving attendees the opportunity to consider what forms of ministry the Lord may be calling them to.

Taking place Nov. 1-4, The vision for Discerning the Call is not simply to network, but to allow students to see the many ways in which God is raising up new and creative forms of ministry. Attendees will engage in different articulations of ministry which might look different than their own ministries or those ministries they assume await them in the coming season of life. Discerning the Call will showcase the ministry of Joe Castillo and Dr. Marilyn Elliott, both keynote speakers for the event.

Joe Castillo, an Asbury Seminary alum, has taken his creative sand art from his basement to national stages, across the world, and back to the Asbury Seminary community. Integrating creativitycastillo4_sq and ministry, Castillo seeks to reach out through a convergence of storytelling and the visual arts.

marilynelliotDr. Marilyn Elliott is Vice President of Community Formation at Asbury Theological Seminary. Dr. Elliott’s focus of holistic self-care is structured to help those called to the ministry remember that best way to lead is by example. In particular, Dr. Elliott has a passion for a generation of ministry leaders who are able to embrace a holistic understanding of self-care which lies at the heart of the Trinity. Through an embrace of such care, Dr. Elliott believes that strongholds will be broken, hearts will be freed, and stories will be redeemed, not just in the lives of those serving in the ministry, but also in the lives of those leaders are called to serve.

Discerning the Call will bring together students, faculty, ministry leaders, and anyone else willing to come, in hopes of inspiring those to pursue the things God is laying on the hearts of those whom he has called. Through keynotes, workshops, worship, and fellowship, attendees will be given a multi-faceted look at the unique ways God’s kingdom is sprouting up all around them!discerning-the-call

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One response to “Discerning the Call”

  1. WOW! This article struct home with me. God brought the spiritual needs of the Deaf to my attention by having such people in the hearing churches I pastored, 6 out of the first 14 years of my ministry after ATS ’55.

    The result, I committed my ministry to serve the Deaf for the next 35 years. At age 86, i have written my life’s story, available on my website soon..

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