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Dr. David Gyertson: Interim President and Wise, Spirit-Filled Leader

Published Date: June 3, 2024

Selecting an interim president following a 15-year legacy president can challenge a Board of Trustees. The transitional leader continues to steer the ship of the institutional mission with all the responsibilities of the presidency and seeks to shore up any current needs to prepare the way for the full-time president. The board interviewed multiple community members and discerned a list of transitional priorities. The skill set most needed for those priorities became the focus of the search.

God’s mercy led every step of the way providing more than “we could ask or imagine” in Dr. David Gyertson! You can read the full announcement with his professional qualifications HERE. However, this article will focus on three aspects of his character and skills that I believe will be most meaningful to Asbury Theological Seminary at this time.

First, Dr. Gyertson is a wise sage. Dictionaries define a sage as “someone venerated for the possession of wisdom, judgment, and experience.” Like King Solomon, his wisdom is respected far and wide. Dr. Gyertson has consulted with 20 universities and a half dozen seminaries in the past few years and has led research grants with the Association for Biblical Higher Education and InTrust Center for Seminaries and Schools of Religion. His judgment is sought out by leaders in the marketplace, too. As a former president of three reputable institutions – Regent University (VA), Asbury University (KY), and Taylor University (IN) – his experience leading complex organizations place him in the “sage” category for an interim president.

Second, he is a Spirit-filled collaborative leader. If you spend much time discussing leadership with Dr. Gyertson, you will hear him quote the Jerusalem Council’s letter to the Gentile believers in Acts 15, specifically verse 28, “It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us…” Dr. Gyertson submits to the Spirit’s leadership and seeks the prayerful input of all stakeholders in decision-making and vision-casting. I encourage you to follow him on LinkedIn where he regularly posts helpful leadership articles.

Finally, like “the men of Issachar, who understood the times and knew what Israel should do,” Dr. Gyertson is an astute and current global learner. Like Nehemiah, he thoroughly “inspects the walls” of culture today and searches out the Spirit’s new work for the church. A consummate synthesizer and brilliant communicator, he will inspire the entire Asbury community to stand strong in biblical orthodoxy and our motto, “The Whole Bible for the Whole World.”

Add a warm heart and kind spirit to the qualities of this wise sage, Spirit-filled collaborative leader, and global learner, Dr. Gyertson will hold the sacred trust of leading Asbury Theological Seminary with humility and grace.  Please join the Board of Trustees in giving thanks to God for His good gift and praying for the upcoming transition.

In Christ,

Karen Thomas

Chair, Board of Trustees

Asbury Theological Seminary

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