Dr. Timothy Tennent: State of the Seminary Address 2020

It is now the time of year when we would customarily have our yearly denominational gatherings, and you have all become accustomed to receiving an update from our President regarding the state of your alma mater, Asbury Theological Seminary.

Due to the COVID pandemic, most of your gatherings have been canceled, and our alumni meals will not be happening. It is something we all have grown fond of and will surely miss this year. However, in our dedication to bring you the BEST of Asbury, we made sure you did not miss your updates from Dr. Timothy Tennent. Watch below for your yearly update video, and send us a message at alumni@asburyseminary.edu if there is any way we can serve you!

Hopefully, we will all be able to meet next year in person!

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  1. Thanks for your update, Dr. Tennent.

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