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Esther: Using Power to Help The Powerless

Published Date: October 5, 2018

We told you last month that Alumni Office staff often stop by alumni blogs and read them. This month, we would like to share an offering from one of our alumnae, Erica Wellner, just in case anyone is looking for a new podcast to listen to during travel! She and a co-laborer in Christ, Stephen Bond, host a weekly podcast called “Crazy Talk Faith” on Blog Talk Radio. They are currently hosting a series on heroes of the faith who made a stand and sacrificed greatly on behalf of others. This week, they talk about Esther, who risked her very life to save her people. The reason we like this podcast is because it is full of light humor, but at the same time, the well runs deep. Be ready to laugh and to be transformed by this podcast. Have a listen!

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