Fun News! “The Rivers of Life Clergy Band” Include Two Asbury Seminary Alumni

L-R: Rev. Mark Doane, Rev. Dr. Joe Scheets, Rev. Dan Perry, Rev. Tim Pate, Rev. Annelle Ruemmler

The Rivers of Life Clergy Band has been busy sharing God’s Word through music while raising money to give away to various charitable causes. In the past twelve months, the band has played for Christmas gatherings, retreats, a women’s appreciation banquet, the Clay County Fair, the Alton Gospel Fest, a prison ministry banquet, a wedding renewal ceremony, and other concert settings in various United Methodist Churches.

During every concert, the band sells their CD, entitled “Zealous Love.” The band has donated the proceeds from this CD to support three Illinois Great Rivers Conference initiatives: Imagine No Malaria, Africa University, and Our Conference, Our Kids. To date, the band has donated over $10,000 to the conference and other mission causes.

Two members of the Rivers of Life Band are alumni from Asbury Theological Seminary: Rev. Dr. Joe Scheets and Rev. Dan Perry. The Rivers of Life Band, composed of five United Methodist pastors, was formed by Rev. Dan Perry when he was asked to put together a contemporary Christian band for the 2009 Illinois Great Rivers’ Annual Conference. The group enjoyed playing together so much that they have been together for nearly nine years. Band members include Rev. Tim Pate (drums), Alton Main Street; Rev. Dr. Joe Scheets (bass), Union UMC; Rev. Annelle Ruemmler (keyboard), Payson UMC; Rev. Mark Doane (lead guitar and vocals), Virden/Girard UMC; and Rev. Dan Perry (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Troy UMC. Each band member brings a unique talent to the group, but all five agree it’s just fun making music and praising the Lord!

The band lost one of its original members when guitarist, Rev. Willie Deuel, transferred to the NW Conference. That left a BIG gap in their sound. About two years ago, Mark Doane auditioned for the band. Dan Perry said, “I’ve never had a musician step in, be so comfortable, and click with the other members.”

If you would like more information or book the Rivers of Life Clergy Band, please contact Rev. Dan Perry at or (618) 830-5589.

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