Health and Fitness at Asbury

Published Date: October 2, 2019

Professionally, as a whole, pastors tend to be among the unhealthiest when it comes to physicality. Asbury is dedicated to ministering people, not only through spiritual disciplines, but also through the physical.  As a temple for the Holy Spirit, our bodies are part of our ministry, and we encourage our students to live a healthy lifestyle. Here is just one of the informational pieces made available through our health and fitness program in efforts to strengthen lives every day. 

One response to “Health and Fitness at Asbury”

  1. John M Crowe says:

    My dad said that in college I had exercised so hard that I was in semi-olympic shape. However, I became so excited about what I was learning at Asbury that I let the exercises that I had been doing in college go and I have not regained that discipline since.

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