How to Hire the BEST: Asbury Theological Seminary Graduates!

We all know graduates from Asbury Theological Seminary are the cream of the crop! But, when you are hiring for a position at your church or recruiting for your denomination, how do you go about finding quality ATS grads to fill those positions? And, if you are recruiting for your denomination, how do you connect with current students you can mentor through the process to make sure your denomination is being filled with the most theologically-educated and Spirit-filled men and women who are ready to minister with the strength of the Holy Spirit?

Well, there are two ways you can recruit from our graduates and student body!

1. Post all your open jobs efficiently in all avenues at ATS by sending them to your Office of Alumni!

All you need to do is email the job description, contact information for the person in charge of hiring, and application instructions to (Please do not leave them as a comment on this article – it won’t be seen as quickly by our staff!) We will make sure to post your open job positions in all the places students and alumni view.

If you are an alumnus searching for a job, you can view all the jobs we have received on the Jobs article attached to every Alumni Link. That article is updated monthly. You can also view jobs as they come in by visiting the seminary jobs board here! You’ll need your username and password for Asbury Connect. If you have forgotten it, no worries! Shoot us an email at, and we will help you retrieve your account.

2. Come to the Kentucky campus for an Official Recruiting Visit!

Everyone from individual ministry leaders to denominational leaders are welcome to come to our beautiful Kentucky campus for the purpose of meeting with and recruiting students face-to-face. Would you prefer to mentor your candidates through seminary and help them be a success when they come to fill the positions you have for them? Would you like to interview students face-to-face, and to see the resources available to your future employees and/or ministry colleagues? (While you’re here, stop by your Alumni Office and see the free gifts and benefits we have for you!)

The first step to making an official visit to our Kentucky campus is to fill out this form. The completed form will alert our staff that you are requesting a visit. It is very important for you to fill out the form completely, as this helps our staff serve you in the best and most efficient way possible! We are so appreciative of the opportunity to serve not only you but also our student body by connecting our future alumni with the jobs and support that will help them thrive in ministry and fulfill all the promise God has planned for their lives. It is not only our job, but our joy to receive you.

You’ll note that on the form, there are specific dates when we generally receive recruiting visits. This is to make sure that you are able to utilize your time and energy well. Outside these dates, you are not likely to encounter very many students, as they are either off-campus during that time or deep into finals and graduation preparations.

During your visit, your options will include setting up individual interviews with interested students, hosting a meal for students from your area or others who are interested in moving to your area, setting up a display table in our high-traffic student center, attending chapel (where all the most dedicated students will likely be), and eating in the dining hall, which is an opportunity to mingle with students and recruit directly.

Your visit will be handled by our Alumni Office staff, who are typically on-call in case you should have any unanticipated needs during your stay. We even have an inn, right here on campus, where you can stay in a cozy room with the best accommodations around. All these details are explained, complete with links, on our information page here.

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