Looking for Solid Ministers to Hire? Come to Asbury for an Official Recruiting Visit!

Looking for the Best Prospects for Hiring Godly Men and Women for Ministry?

You already know Asbury turns out the best of the best. But, how can you connect with these graduating ministers and get them working for you?

Asbury Theological Seminary offers assistance with official campus recruiting visits. From lodging solutions to meeting space for interviews, we can point you in the right direction!

To get started, please visit our information page. It will help you know what we need from you and assist you with gathering the proper information. Filling out the form will also alert our staff that you want assistance with your visit and will mobilize us to address your needs.

We also provide an option to set up a table in the student center to be a presence in a high traffic area for students (Subject to availability and approval by the student center manager). Often, you will get better results and connect with far more students by simply being in the spaces they use the most. There are also tables available for having conversations there.
Finally, there is no faster way to get a student’s attention than free food. If you would like to host a meal, we can (upon request) create an online sign up form for students to RSVP for dinner.  A private lunch on campus may also be available, if private dining rooms are available. You can contact us for information about private meals on campus or any other concerns you may have about visiting campus by emailing patricia.seabolt@asburyseminary.edu or alumni@asburyseminary.edu.

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