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New Students are Here!

Published Date: September 1, 2017
We are so excited to welcome our new students to Asbury Theological Seminary! The new faces and stories are so beautiful. New Student Orientation took place on August 29-31.  These new students received lots of information, love, and support through their time together. We pray that our new students, spouses, and families feel welcomed and confident as they transition into their new homes and begin this new academic semester and year. Enjoy the videos, created by Student Services via Facebook Live, to orient our new students to the campus. They are on our Facebook NSO event. You may even meet some new staff members on the tour!
There are approximately 60 new single students and approximately 50 new families who joined us on our Kentucky campus! In the Family Housing, there are approximately 15 new female students and 35 new male students.  In the Single Housing, there are approximately 26 new female students and 34 new male students. Dr. Tennent pointed out in chapel that this is the largest class of female students in Asbury Seminary’s history! How exciting!
There are several new international students and their families who have come from all over the world, including India, Malysia, Kenya, Japan, Nepal, Nigeria, and Madagascar! It is good for the family of God to dwell together in faith and unity. May He grow us in community as we seek his face together! We can’t wait to learn from the people God has brought to us.
We all look forward to a new academic year of growth and challenge, as we pursue holiness of heart and mind together. As always, we appreciate your prayers for us as we lean into what God seeks to grow in us. All these new students are on the incredible journey of becoming leaders in the global Body of Christ, and it gives us much hope to see the quality of their hearts and minds.

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  1. And my friend Tyler Jones is one of the new single students.
    Mike Pounds

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