Professional Certificate in Pastoral Care Now Available at Asbury Seminary


If you’re looking to increase your ability to provide pastoral care in various settings, Asbury Seminary offers a certificate program in Pastoral Care. Take five courses (15 hours) that are designed to help you better counsel and support those God has put in your care in the church and in other ministry environments.

  • All courses are offered online and as hybrids at all Asbury Seminary campuses and extension sites.
  • Financial aid is available for qualified students.
  • Previous completed coursework may apply.
  • Courses taken for the Pastoral Care Certificate may also be applied toward a Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling.

For more information, call Randy Ozan at 859-858-2210 or email him at

Courses include:

  • CO520 Narrative Counseling
  • PC510 Care of Persons
  • PC515 Pastoral Crisis Intervention
  • PC520 Pastoral Diagnosis in Care and Counseling
  • PC670 Pastoral Approaches to Marriage and Family Counseling

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