Rev. Dr. Dan Sandoval: Movements of the Holy Spirit Today

Published Date: October 2, 2020

In the past twelve months, I had the opportunity to visit and minister in Brazil (South America) and twice in Israel and Jordan (Middle East). During the pandemic, I continue to minister online, dialogue, and collaborate with friends and colleagues who are leading ministries in different parts of the world.

As I listen and interact with our brothers and sisters who are in the frontlines of the world crisis, the Holy Spirit is clearly and powerfully moving, bringing light in dark places and hope in desperate situations.

From my vantage point, I see several manifestations of the Holy Spirit at work among Christians and churches in the world today. The following are ten significant movements I have highlighted:

  1. The Holy Spirit is stirring a deep desire among believers to understand and proclaim the significance of the end times and the imminent return of Jesus Christ.
  2. In Jordan, God is continually revealing himself through dreams and visions to many Muslims who are encountering Jesus Christ without an initial witness of a Christian.
  1. In Israel, I interacted with Jews who are asking questions and open to the idea of who Jesus Christ is as the Messiah. Secretly, many Jews are surrendering their lives to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
  1. During the pandemic, the Holy Spirit is breaking cultural, generational, denominational barriers in more significant measures than I have seen before. God is using the internet to connect Christians around the world who are willing to collaborate to impact their communities, cities, and countries.
  1. I saw in Jordan how the Holy Spirit is opening doors for the Church to have acceptance and favor among government officials. Today, Jordanian Christians are free to plant churches and meet regularly without severe persecution, as seen in other radical Islamic countries. I believe that Jordan is a significant “tunnel” to the evangelization of Muslims around the world. Many Jordanians are coming to the Lord.
  1. In Russia, where my son Christian is ministering, God is raising young people who are using their talents beyond the church walls. We are working with a seminary in Moscow to develop “kingdom-minded” entrepreneurs to plant and lead churches in the country.
  1. Speaking of entrepreneurship, the Church is much more open to the idea of creating financial resources through business enterprise. We are currently establishing a Center of Leadership and Entrepreneurship in Rio de Janeiro to train church leaders, pastors, and Christians to think outside the “church box” and lead as well in the business arena.
  1. The Holy Spirit is bringing the Church to unity and connectivity. There is a lot more coexisting going on in worship, discipleship, and sharing of resources (Kingdom-focused).
  1. Christians are exercising their power and authority to pray for divine healings and miracles (signs and wonders).
  1. There is a sense of expectation that God is doing something more significant than we can see right now. A feeling of HOPE and JOY during troubled times. People are hungry for more of God!


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  1. Rev. Dr. Charlie Satterwhite says:

    I am so honored to be part of the family of God, and to be a graduate of ATS. Please continue praying for me as I heal from losing my sweet Jenny July 18. I believe God’s revival spirit is moving.

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