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Seedbed Presents New Study “Supernatural” by Carolyn Moore

Published Date: April 2, 2020

Carolyn Moore introduces a new study called “Supernatural” on Seedbed. She takes us through Luke 9, diving into Jesus’ commission to the disciples.  This study seems appropriate for the world today with what is all going on as it tackles topics such as praying for healing, witnessing miracles, realizing those moments of glory, resisting unholy hesitation, and encountering demons.

One reader review says “Best thing I have read this year. I will share it with my Bible study group and would be pleased if we do the eight week study together.”

Check out the video below for a short message about this study from Carolyn herself:

For more information on the study as well as how to order it, please visit the Seedbed website here.

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3 responses to “Seedbed Presents New Study “Supernatural” by Carolyn Moore”

  1. Gerald W Jackson says:

    We are interested in your Supernatural Study.

  2. Wade Childers says:

    I, too, believe we as the church have relegated the ministry of healing to psychology and even medical science. I believe they have their place, but they cannot penetrate the heart of what God wants the most, the heart and soul that make us fully whole. I am praying that we will embrace New Testament faith once again

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