Student Voice: Rev. Troy Benton – In Between “Another One”

In light of recent events, we wish to feature a voice that is representative of those in our ATS family who deeply need to express the injustice and pain they are experiencing in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, as well as the systematic way they have suffered due to the color of their skin. We offer to you these words from current student, Troy Benton, which are published here with his permission and the permission of his ministry, Tabernacle Ministries, Inc. His words are completely unaltered. We will not filter his voice through our own lens, but will give him this platform to speak for himself. We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who are continually exposed to violence against their bodies, and we grieve this tragedy together. Come quickly, Lord Jesus, and embolden us to work true justice wherever we find ourselves and with humility to honor and magnify the real voices of those who have been silenced for too long. All comments are always moderated with care before appearing on our site.


Words do not do justice to the emotions and energy I feel. But, I have been here before like you have, and I know… will be here again…

No amount of walking, crying, yelling, breathing… yes, even breathing will fix this feeling, heal this hurt, overcome this outrage, or cure this craziness, and yet–we will be here again…

Each time this happens, the names of all those who have been a brick in the eventual wall of no more run through my mind, and a tear of tragedy runs down my face, remembering their lives and the time(s) when there were attempts to make me one of those bricks, and yet, we will be here again…

We are in between “another one”: another evil episode of the foolish fear of some. We are in between “Another one” of the moments of misery that no ministry, no mentoring, and no moral effort will make all that has brought us to this point ok. We name the truth: that all of this death and dismal behavior in thought, word, and deed is the core of the cowardice and lack of all character that those who use words, accusation, twisted rules and rights invoke to enact their fear and privilege in ways that exhibit the injustice and power prevalent in racism at its root. “Another one” of those times when we’re told reaction is not beneficial, while resistance to any true change will be served as regularly as the flavor of the day.

We are in between “Another Day,” and it is awful, angering, and happening… again! We are in between “Another Day” while we are in the midst of world changing whirlwinds that already had our backs and bucks up against the wall. Our response for now is simple: to wrench our clinches for courage and the call to be the people our Creator created us to be even more than ever. WE DON’T GIVE UP OR QUIT, WE STAND TALL AND STRONG, AND WE SET OUR SIGHTS ON THE STAR AHEAD!

Right now, we will stand somewhat somber, sometimes in solace stature, looking to stiffen our stride after yet “another one” of these blows that buckled our stride. But we will go forth! We have to go forward… We know another one is coming, and so we must keep going! We are black men and black women, black girls and black boys who refuse to be fashioned in fiction by the false stories of what we are, but the truth of our God, history, and future that tells us who we are and whose we are! We are proud, worthy, valuable, and priceless metal that is foundational to life as we all live and love it.

We are between “Another One.” We also know that there are only so many “another ones,” and we work and walk toward the time when “another one” becomes “no more.”

May 26, 2020

In honor of George Floyd, and every black man and woman who has ever been terrorized, lived or died.

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3 responses to “Student Voice: Rev. Troy Benton – In Between “Another One””

  1. steve moore says:

    thanks for this insightful and wise response to the great tragedy that we have experienced. it is a long obedience in the same direction.
    thank you for helping us down the road.
    steve moore

    • Troy Benton says:

      Blessings. To God alone be the glory! May we see courage, change, and Christ in these days and years to come!

  2. Rev. Dr. Cynthia HINSON GRAHAM says:

    Thank you for your voice. I appreciate you articulating what is in the heart and mind of so many. “Here we are again”…why? Is it that difficult to see the difference between the right choices and the wrong choices? Devaluing life is never right…it always brings us to “In between ‘Another One.'”
    Rev. Dr. Cynthia Hinson Graham

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