The Beeson Corner: Updates from Our Doctor of Ministry Program

Published Date: September 2, 2021

The Doctor of Ministry program is excited to announce that we have 88 new students currently enrolled for this fall semester! This is another record enrollment year for us, and we are so proud of the work that has been done to get us here. There will be 4 different cohorts launching. Two of those are what we call our “evergreen” cohorts that get launched every year: Preaching and Leading and Organizational Leadership.

We are also launching two brand new cohorts that we are very excited about. One is called Church Multiplication, and it is in partnership with Exponential. The church needs leaders who are formed in its multiplicative origins, as well as adaptability and innovation for the 21st-century. The equipping of disciple-makers and multipliers, empowered afresh by the Holy Spirit, is precisely what is needed in order to reach our post-Christian cultural context. The Doctor of Ministry in Church Multiplication focuses on movement-oriented leadership dynamics and the mobilization of God’s people from a pioneering perspective.

The other one is a cohort that is being hosted by three Doctor of Ministry alumni in London. This is our Church Planting in Post Christendom Europe cohort. The vision is to fan the flame of a movement of church planting in all its forms across Britain and Europe through this applied doctoral degree. The Doctor of Ministry is designed and delivered jointly by Asbury Theological Seminary and the Gregory Centre for Church Multiplication. Asbury is the fourth largest seminary in the United States and a world leader in equipping men and women for ministry, mission and holy living. The Gregory Centre is at the forefront of church planting in England.

This doctorate brings global learning to bear in specifically British and European contexts. It is designed for leaders and emerging leaders of church plants and church planting movements, especially (but not exclusively) from within the historic denominations. The synergy and fellowship between these leaders, as they go on this journey together, is a major factor in the success of the program.

God has continued to bless our program, even in the middle of such uncertain times, and we are grateful for that! We cannot wait to welcome these new students in and to embark on this journey with them!

2 responses to “The Beeson Corner: Updates from Our Doctor of Ministry Program”

  1. Don Mueller says:

    Praise the Lord for all He is helping you to accomplish.

    Continue to follow Him.

  2. Michael Mwangi says:

    Good news. May the Lord guide the leaders in the Dmin program as they continue leading in equipping ministers across the world.

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