The Church Planting Initiative Seeks to Support Planting Pioneers!

The Church Planting Initiative at Asbury Theological Seminary has been working hard to bring you the resources and networking you need in order to be successful as church planters. Their site, Church Planting Initiative, is full of articles, books for purchase, opportunities for training, and more! If you sign up for an account, you can keep informed and equipped on the latest training and cutting edge strategy in church planting.

The Church Planting Initiative is born out of a heart to serve and equip church leaders in an increasingly multicultural, secular, and global context. Our vision is to equip church leaders for planting new churches and ReMissioning existing congregations so they can become reproducing, disciple-making movements. We offer a variety of training, assessments, and resources to equip church leaders to fulfill the Great Commission as they live out the Missio Dei in their local context of ministry.

2 responses to “The Church Planting Initiative Seeks to Support Planting Pioneers!”

  1. Craig Hall says:

    I am an Asbury graduate. 2008: MDiv. We are relocating to the Nashville, TN area. We are ordained with a charter (legally recognized as a 501c3) but we need direction how to start.

    It is our dream to plant a church but we have no idea how to go about this. We have no funds, no location, and we feel like we are on an island. It would be a blessing to receive guidance from my own Alma Mater. Blessings.

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