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Published Date: June 2, 2022

Love Letters: After a hard journey you will find Him, when you search with all your heart. by [S Castillo, Joe]ALUM REV. JOE CASTILLO PUBLISHES A NOVEL

Love Letters is a medieval tale of a discouraged young woman, enticed into a harrowing quest by passionate love letters written to her by a Prince she has never met. On her journey, she is seduced, abused, beaten and humiliated, leaving her ashamed and convinced that she is not worthy of being loved. A mysterious alphabet, along with the passionate letters she carries, encourage her to persevere in her search to find the Prince that won her heart and changed her life, with his words. This mystical allegory is a love story, written to surreptitiously get young adults to read Psalm 119, the longest chapter in the Bible, and draw them into a deeper love for God with a greater appreciation and knowledge of the scriptures.

The primary audience is young adults, but this story is a delight for all ages. To order your copy, see HERE.


Matthew – a Jewish man who betrayed his people as a Roman tax collector before he was called and transformed by Jesus – gives us a detailed account of the life of Jesus through the lens of Jewish history and prophecy. More than any other Gospel writer, Matthew documents the actual words of Jesus and connects everything Jesus said and did to the promises about the Messiah. Through this interactive guide through the book of Matthew, you will gain a new appreciation for Matthew’s literary genius and how he invites you into the unfolding story of God and humanity.

Come Alive: Volume 1, Matthew invites you deeper into the biblical story and connects the dots between how God works throughout Scripture and how He is working in your life today. Daily dialogues guide you through the book of Matthew and provide cultural context and insights that bridge the gap between the world of the Bible and our world today.

The book includes a daily reading, a daily insight and a daily reading prompt that will help you reflect on the text and build the skills to read the Bible for yourself with more confidence and understanding. Discover a new and unexpected way to engage with Scripture and experience the Bible not as a distant, confusing document, but as a living, breathing conversation between God and humanity that continues to speak into our ever-changing world.

Be on the lookout for the next two volumes in this series: Volume 2, which will release on Labor Day, is on Galatians-Ephesians, and Volume 3, which is slated for November, is on Proverbs. All the books are daily reading guides through the biblical books.  Much more than a devotional and yet not as heavy as a commentary, they are sort of commendotionals

For more information, or to order, please see HERE.

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