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Published Date: November 1, 2023


Grove Armstrong graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary with a B.Div. in 1956. He has written two books which have been very well received. The 3rd edition of his latest book, Meeting Jesus Christ: The Theology and Practice of Private Personal Worship, is now available at in digital form. Matthew Fake, Operations Manager of WBCI-FM “Life Changing Radio,” Portland, ME, writes, “I know of very few books that rival this book in its ability to make Jesus Christ accessible to believers of all levels, whether new to the Lord or a lifetime believer. This book is a blessing to all.”

This book is different from any other book on the Christian’s devotional life available today. It presents worship as a private meeting with Jesus Christ and suggests a truly rewarding way of reading the Scriptures that makes a daily encounter with Jesus happen. In addition, it shows how the church unfortunately has turned the blessings of Bible reading and prayer into obligations, causing many devout and sensitive believers to carry much personal guilt about their devotional life. It Biblically removes this unnecessary guilt and replaces it with rich wonderful worship experiences with Jesus. Persons studying the material in this book have proclaimed it truly illuminating and life-changing and spiritually enriching.

Pastor Armstrong’s first book, The Kingdom That Is Transforming the World, 2006 explains from Scripture how God intended that his kingdom would be the true agent of change in the world. To a world where lies and intrigue ruled, Jesus announced an eternal principle, “The truth will set you free.” When he said, “I am the truth,” he announced himself as the world’s great liberator. History has demonstrated how Jesus has liberated millions from the pain-filled, sorrowful, fearful, slavish, bloody brief existence life was when he was born. Life now is comfortable, lengthy, and pain-free for most of the world today because of Jesus’ ministry. Kelly Miller, reviewing the book for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine LLC, April 2007 wrote, “I strongly encourage you to read this life-changing hope-breathing book.”

The Kingdom That is Transforming the World, which sold for $14.95, is out of print. Pastor Armstrong has a very few copies in his possession. As long as they last, he will be happy to give a copy to anyone who will send him $4.00 to cover the cost of packaging and postage. His address is 209 Holly Ct., Bear, DE 1970.  Any questions email him at

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