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In honor of the one year grand re-opening of Estes Chapel, the spiritual “heartbeat” of Asbury Seminary, the Asbury Seminary Campus Store is proud to introduce a first-of-its-kind building set. This custom designed set, 10 months in the making, contains 1001 pieces and features a Christos Window, a cross, and a Charles Wesley statuette figure (yes, holding a quill and hymnbook). This set also includes full-color step-by-step assembly instructions, and a beautifully designed box with the history of Estes Chapel. Approximate adult assembly time is 4 hours. Build yours today!


Alumnus Dr. David Schreiner announces the release of his new book Pondering the Spade: Discussing Important Convergences between Archaeology and Old Testament Studies.

Here is a short overview:

“The close relationship between the Old Testament and archaeology goes without saying. However, the methodological nuances involved are often either underappreciated or ignored. Using William Dever’s idea of convergence, this work attempts to flesh out details on how archaeology and Old Testament studies merge. It examines some of the most important archaeological finds to date and determines that, whether through a broad or narrow convergence, the history of research has shown that these two separate disciplines exhibit a tendency to inform one another. In the case of Old Testament studies, these convergences may even be paradigm-shifting. In every case, the convergences are historically and culturally informative, and therefore illuminate the depth of the biblical text. “

It is available by paperback and e-book and may be purchased by going clicking this link.

David received his masters in Biblical Studies from Asbury in 2007 and went on to obtain his doctorate in the same field in 2012. Congrats on your publication!


Alumnus James A. Blaine announces the publication of his new book entitled Pathways to a Closer Walk: Bible Analogies to Nourish Our Personal Relationship with God.

Here is a summary:

“This is a study guide for the Bible’s many relationship analogies. The author provides questions and directives to guide the user in making discoveries about the scriptural truths concerning one’s personal relationship with Christ. Each lesson concludes with a time for reflection, and with an opportunity to compose an appropriate prayer.”

It is available by paperback and e-book and may be purchased by going to the website.

James received his bachelors of divinity from Asbury in 1960. We are proud of his accomplishments!


Alumnus Tony Soper “leads readers on a journey of spiritual fulfillment with a journal laced with Scripture that highlights three questions we should ask ourselves daily in his new book entitled, Three Questions: A Guided Journal That Could Change Your Life.

Please visit his author’s page for more details!

Tony received his master’s of divinity from Asbury in 1978. We are so excited to see all the successes from our alumni!


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