Wesleys Everywhere!

Wesleys, Wesleys, everywhere!  Asbury just finished the 4th Annual Wesley Waddle and as you can image, we are reflecting on the founders of our Wesleyan tradition.  Other than the statues on campus commemorating their hard work and dedication to the church, there are many other ways that we keep our Wesleyan-Armenian practices of worshiping the Lord around us in fun little ways continuing to bless the future generations of God’s children.

We love our John and Charles dolls!  John has traveled the world with Alumni and taken pictures in some really grand places all over the world.  Here are a few of our favorites! John Wesley witnessed a volcano in Costa Rica with Dr. Tennent, and Charles Wesley has met a minion in Southern California!  

Recently Alumni Rev. James A. Gibson III, Master of Divinity 1993, shared with the Alumni Office the joy that Charles has brought to a very special part of his congregation… The children at Church of the Holy Trinity, Grahamville (Anglican) in Ridgeland, South Carolina have fallen in love with the Charles Wesley doll.  The Rev. James Gibson (M.Div., 1993) has started a rotation in which a different child each Sunday is given responsibility for the doll during the worship service.  Pictured is 3-year-old Creed Langford, daughter of Jason and Jeremy Lynn Langford.  She first thought Mr. Wesley was “a pirate” until it was explained to her that he was actually a priest.  Now, she and all the other children love “Father Charles.”

John Wesley not only comes as a doll for your enjoyment but a bobblehead as well!

He started the Methodist movement.  His heart was strangely warmed.  The world was his parish.  And he has his own bobblehead!  The Asbury Seminary Campus Store’s all-time best-seller is back in-stock and now comes complete in a collector’s box!  Standing approximately 9” tall, your John Wesley bobblehead will provide years of bobble-worthy fun!  The John Wesley Bobblehead retails for $24.99.  For a limited time, Asbury Seminary alums can save $5 when they use the coupon code “BOBBLE.”  Shipping is $6.95 on orders less than $49.  Or, save $10 and get free shipping when you order the Uniquely Asbury Seminary John Wesley Collection.

In honor of Mother’s Day this month, we have some very exciting news to share with you from the Alumni Office!  While John and Charles mean so much to us, where would they be with out their mother?  We are excited to announce the release of Susanna Wesley Doll in 2018!  Susanna comes complete wearing her famous apron and holding a bible in hand.  We cannot wait to share her with you in a little less than a year!

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