What’s Happening in the Beeson Center?

Global Initiatives

Asbury Seminary’s commitment to expanding our global vision is reflected in the partnerships we are forming with other Christian organizations and educational institutions around the world. As part of the 2023 Strategic Plan, the Seminary has committed to sustainable partnerships of mutual learning, encouragement, and collaboration toward common Kingdom goals. Through these relationships we seek not only wider fields of service but also a deeper awareness of what God is doing globally.

Past 6 Months

Partnerships: Global Initiatives has entered into mutual collaborative partnerships with One Mission Society and Holy Light Theological Seminary. These “Memorandums of Understanding” foster bilateral connections that provide resources to ensure Asbury’s commitment to providing the whole gospel for the whole world.

Visiting Residential Scholars: Last Fall, our office hosted four scholars: Dr. Theng Huat Leow, Dr. Koowon Kim, Dr. William Udotong, and Dr. Sanyu Iralu. In addition to their commitment to various research projects, scholars engaged a variety of on campus experiences such as Chapel, Kingdom Conference, and community in the cafeteria. Scholars also enjoyed tea at President Tennent’s home, a behind the scenes tour of Keeneland, and a special welcome in both chapel and the August plenary meeting. 

Scholar Contributions

Published Article: Dr. Koowon Kim’s article titled “Why is the Woman of Endor Portrayed as the Heroine” has been accepted for publishing in the Expository Times. We are delighted to celebrate with Koowon and grateful to have been a place of facilitating resources for his success.

Nagaland Commencement: Dr. Sanyu Iralu, Principal of Shalom Bible Seminary in Nagaland, India, has extended a warm invitation to an Asbury faculty member to be the Commencement Ceremony speaker this Spring. We are grateful for the invitation, and look forward to continuing our relationship with Shalom Bible Seminary.


Visiting Residential Scholars: At present, our office is delighted to welcome Wing Ting Li along with her husband Mike, and Balu Savarikannu both PhD. students working in Old Testament studies with varying emphases on the book of Lamentations. Additionally, we are happy to host Ph D. Marceline Lambiv, whose interests lie in Old Testament Studies and Women’s studies and PhD. student Kuzundelu Gbaelemo Ngao who is addressing thematic issues within Hebrews 13:20-21.

Faculty Travel: This Fall several faculty members engaged multiple partnerships via international travel. In India, Steve Stratton and Martin Mallory trained counselors in marriage and family therapy while Greg Okesson and Steve Ybarrola facilitated training for church planters. And Jay Moon visited Ghana to teach at the Builsa Dry Season Bible course.

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