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What’s New at Asbury Church Planting?

Published Date: May 1, 2023

Resurrection Power: Story Of Healings, Resurrections, and Miracles With Dr. Keener

Enjoy this interview with Asbury’s very own Dr. Craig Keener (F.M. and Ada Thompson Professor of Biblical Studies) as he discusses the present reality of miracles today.

This is a hopeful message for this joyous Easter season! Enjoy!

You can access this message via video (HERE) or audio (HERE).

New Chapter in the CCM

Dr. Winfield Bevins (center) is stepping down after eight years of service in church multiplication at Asbury. Dr. Bevins’ leadership and creative vision will be missed! Jennifer Miller (left), Administrative Assistant to the CCM Director and Carson Daniel (right), Coordinator for the CCM, will continue to provide leadership and support as we begin a search for a new director. Dr. Emilio Alvarez (pictured with Dr. Bevins), Associate Provost of Lifelong Learning, is the acting director of the CCM during this transition period.

Join in the Work of Church Multiplication – 58 Days Until Application Deadline!

We invite you to visit our website to view the requirements for the Multiplication Fellowship, Grant Matching, and Global Methodist Church Grant Matching programs.

We are now accepting applications for the fellowship and grant matching programs and the deadline to submit applications is June 1st, 2023.

US Domestic Church Plants Only

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