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What’s New at Asbury Church Planting?

Published Date: August 30, 2023


By Jennifer Miller, CCM Team

I’ve been in and out of many churches in my life, but this church experience felt like it might have happened in the homes and streets Jesus visited and walked with his disciples. Always invitational and authentic, Resilience Church embraces the unchurched and brokenhearted.

Jennifer Miller (CCM) and Pastor Danielle Reeves.

We met Danielle at an outdoor jazz concert at a park in Lakewood, Colorado. The community of believers was present, along with the concert-goers. This was a time of fellowship during an “in-between time.” Tuesdays and Thursdays are gathering days for now. Tuesdays at a coffee shop and Thursdays at a neighborhood clubhouse. The ever changing needs of the community requires equally flexible ways to connect people and God in conversations over real topics.

The coffee house and clubhouse conversations are both accessible to on-line participants. The learning is scriptural and empathetic. It is lived out through the actions of the church body. I listened to stories of them loving their neighbors. A mom, already with a full life and full plate, driving kids to school from a family in need. A 19 year old learning to make pasta so he could bring it to a woman recovering from a mastectomy. The stories are typical in nature, but not culturally. These people look and act differently.

Danielle Reeves, the pastor, met us in her office…a coffee shop. Her choice to office in public spaces has brought exposure and connectivity to non believers. She tends to find her way into conversations about real things, much like Jesus did during his ministry.

A powerful humility coupled with a bold belief has not been a methodical plan, well executed. It has been a willingness to follow God’s call. An unnamed man in a black suit sat on the front row of a church to make room for her to enter the type of kingdom work she now does. His place of honor on the stage was given to her…and it mattered, not for the politics of it, but for a moment that she understood that God was making a way where no way was clear.

Resilience Church is a church without walls. There is no building. There is not enough funding from within that will support the ministry, although 90% of the attenders support the ministry financially. There is not a church service with bands and lights. There is a group of people that come to the table with caution and hope, because Jesus always has room at the table for each and every one of them.

You can check out Resilience Church HERE.


  1. Global Hubs will be international center points for Asbury CCM gatherings across the world for conferences and they will be the future sites of the Global Multiplication Fellowship, which gives church planters funding and coaching through each planter’s particular context. Each Global Hub features a trusted Asbury leader with deep experience in church planting.
  2. We are actively working on establishing Global Hubs in:
    1. Cuba
    2. Europe (U.K.)
    3. Australia
  3. We already have established Global Hubs in:
    1. Asia (Singapore)
    2. East Africa (Kenya)
    3. Latin America (Colombia)


This full documentary on Christian Church planting in Western Europe can be found HERE.

Why plant churches? How to do it? Who can do it? What is multiplication? Church planters across western Europe sit down and give their honest account about starting communities of faith. Their experience will encourage you to think differently than what you may be used to. VCI is a relational network of Pastors, Leaders & Churches partnering together for Harvest, founded by Nick and Karen Klinkenberg in 2007. After leading churches in NZ since 1983, they moved to Amsterdam in 2010 to put feet to the dream of “Planting churches that Plant churches.” There are a number of churches that are now part of the VCI network, including France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Also in the network is the Church Planting Training Centre (CPTC) in Europe.

“God is able to do exceeding abundantly beyond all we ask, think or imagine according to the power that works within us. To HIM be glory in the CHURCH and in Christ JESUS, to all generations forever. Amen.” Ephesians 3:20-21

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One response to “What’s New at Asbury Church Planting?”

  1. Bauta says:

    It is a great vision to note that you are having church planting hubs in other parts of the world. Great wisdom!!!

    I strongly suggest that there’s a greater need to have a hub in West Africa, with Nigeria as a center, since there are many ATS alumni in Nigeria and other West African countries.

    Let me know your kind reactions to my suggestion, please.

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