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Win a MacBook Pro!

Published Date: August 2, 2022

What is the value of a 96 hour M.Div. degree at Asbury Seminary? We believe that our program provides the multivariate foundation required for effective, God-honoring ministry. Today’s seeking ministers-to-be might benefit from the insight of ATS alumni Bishop Keith Cowart and Dr. Bill Arnold (who is also a beloved Asbury professor) who both testify to the usefulness of Asbury’s Master of Divinity degree.

The Admissions Office and the Alumni Office have united in an effort to add 25 M.Div. students for the fall of 2022 enrollment. We have added a button (on the left margin of a computer or at the top of a cell phone, also available HERE) to refer a student. By sending us names of prospective M.Div. students, you will waive the application fee for them. Any students you refer will also have priority for various scholarships. The obvious benefit for you is the satisfaction of contributing to the building of God’s Kingdom. However, top recruiters will also have the opportunity to win a MacBook Pro!

Many of our students come to Asbury Seminary because of the influence of Asbury alum in their lives. We hear this over and over again. So, please consider talking to the folks you know who are wrestling with a call to ministry. They will be helped by your own testimony, and perhaps also by Bishop Adams’s or Dr. Bauer’s testimony.

Thank you for helping us make a difference in the lives of future ministers!

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