Women in Ministry Luncheon Recap

On September 22, 2017, Asbury Theological Seminary hosted their first ever Women in Ministry Luncheon following Seedbed’s annual New Room Conference. We had 81 women in attendance, and our time together was a testimony to the deeply felt need for connection and networking with other women who are on the front lines, working together for the sake of the gospel. The women who came chose to do so after attending Seedbed’s three-day conference, which is when most are in a hurry to get on the road and get home! They even drove several miles to a different venue just to be together.

There were a variety of experiences, ages, opinions, and denominations represented among us, but there was a unity of spirit in wanting to be ministers of the Lord Jesus Christ in our world. We hope this is the beginning of more gatherings to come, as we seek wisdom on how to move forward in affirming, networking and resourcing Women in Ministry. Asbury Theological Seminary is committed to finding ways to support and help improve the experience of women in ministry and in Christian leadership. Look for more updates on what we are doing to honor and support our amazing women in future articles in our Alumni Link.

3 responses to “Women in Ministry Luncheon Recap”

  1. Great to hear news of womenin ministry.
    God is calling women to work fo rHis kingdom alongside men. We claim our calling and demonstrate our gifts and strength in Christ.

  2. Great to hear about “Womenin ministry.”
    God is calling women to work for His kindgom.
    We claim our call and demonstrate our gifts and strength given to us in Christ.

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